It is a special course for you to learn more about cocoa’s uniqueness and magic. It includes all kinds of explanations and chocolate tastings. From where does cocoa come? What is the chocolate history? Who discovered it? What makes the difference between one chocolate to another? Milk, dark, white... What are the composition of the chocolates? How are cocoa beans transformed into delicious chocolates? Is there a certain way to eat it? What are the health benefits from chocolate?

Developed by the AQUIM Family, this experience tells the true story of what is behind the chocolate bars you eat. With a whole life dedicated to gastronomy and flavor, AQUIM Family puts their essence in every single recipe they make.

Every Q bar will remind you that chocolate is made from a tropical fruit and will bring you even closer to the rainforest, home of the cocoa fruit. The Q collection invites you to experience the beauty of the original cocoa made with only three ingredients: cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and sugar.

The tasting takes place at Aquim store, located in Ipanema.

For larger groups, it can happen at hotels or event venues.