The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha lies in the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of kilometers off the brazilian coast. With its crystal-clear waters and rich marine life, the archipelago is a heavenly retreat for underwater pleasures. The main island (Ilha Fernando de Noronha) is sparsely populated and tourism has become the main source of income for locals. An enviromental protection tax must be paid by all visitors.

Diving is the island's major attraction, the transparent waters have 40m visibility. Snorkeling is also practiced, the best spots are Baia dos Porcos, Ponta das Caracas, Baia do Sueste and Atalaia, where there is a large pool at low tide.

Another major attraction is the lookout point Mirante dos Golfinhos, with access through a light level trekking of 1 km. It is possible to admire hundred of dolphins cavorting in the water at sunrise.