Fortaleza is celebrated in verse and prose as the "blonde bride of the sun". The seashore, running the length of the city, has a variety of attractions.
Iracema beach is a bohemian enclave, with dozens of all-night bars situated in buildings, which still retain the architectural features of the turn of the century. Its biggest attractions are the Estoril, which houses restaurants and an exhibition gallery, and the Ponte dos Ingleses, from which beautiful sunsets can be observed. From this point, the Avenida Beira Mar ( Avenue by the sea) borders a beach that strectches for almost three miles to Mucuripe. The beach is lined with coconut palms and barracas (beach kiosks).
Praia do Futuro - Further away, beyond Mucuripe and the harbor area, is the " Beach of Future", a four-mile beach that is much cleaner than those near the center of Fortaleza. It is paradise for bathers and surfers.