Ilhabela, or “Beautiful Island”, in the north coast of São Paulo state, certainly lives up to its name.

About 80% of the island, almost 27,025 hectares, is within Ilhabela State Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with further development not allowed, in order to assure the protection of the remaining Atlantic rain Forest.

Ilhabela is the center of sailing sports of the State due to its favorable wind conditions and privileged race courses.
There are 41 beaches, mountain peaks to climb, several trails, more than 300 waterfalls to explore, and winds, lots of winds (due to a channel surrounded by mountains). The winds and the calm waters made Ilhabela know as “ Capital of the Sail”.

The beaches facing the channel attract as much sailors as tourists looking for a nice beach.

On the other side of the island, beaches unspoiled and facing the open ocean are searched for surfers and adventurers, who doesn’t care about precarious roads and infra-structure.

Other options would be diving at Ilha das Cabras (Cabras island) or take a trail to Zabumba waterfall. Besides that Ilhabela has several restaurant options and a lively nightlife.