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New direct flight Lisbon-Maceio

Starting in June 2020, the airline TAP will fly directly from Lisbon to Maceió.
The capital of Alagoas state is a relaxed city, and its beaches are enchanting with calm, emerald waters.
At the historical center, there are interesting buildings dating back to previous centuries.
Praia do Frances is a paradise beach, with calm ocean in one end and nice waves in the other end, ideal to surf.
At Pajucara beach, it is possible to take a jangada (local sailing rustic boat) and navigate about 3 km to the reef, reaching the "natural pool", the perfect spot to swim and observe the marine life.
Consult us for special packages to the destination.


Ferris Wheel in Rio

The newest attraction of Rio is open for visitors: the ferris wheel Rio Star.
It is 88 meters high, the biggest one in Latin America.  From the top, it is possible to admire the Corcovado, Guanabara Bay, Rio-Niterói Bridge, Central do Brasil Clock, the Samba City and more. It is located in the revitalized port area, in the city center, next to AquaRio (Rio's Seaquarium) and just a short distance away from the Kobra graffiti wall and the iconic Museum of Tomorrow.  The ride takes about 20 minutes. Rio Star is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, and the last admission is at 17:30. 


Tapir and baby swim in Bonito city

Check it out how cute the tapir swimming with its baby in the waters of Rio da Prata river in Bonito city.  

Dining with a local host

When coming to Brazil, you can taste an authentic dining experience with a local host. You will be welcomed in their own house and a typical meal will be especially made for you.
There are hosts in the main cities, consult us! Enjoy an evening of Brazilian food and cultural exchange.