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All year round beaches in Ceara state

Xian restaurant in Rio

Xian is a brand new restaurant that has been inaugurated in Rio. It is located in a terrace with the most impressive view of the city.
The ambience is unique and the service is superb. They count with an oriental cuisine menu and specialized bartender.
It is a trendy place not to be missed!

Cachaça National Day

Today, 13 September, we celebrate the Cachaça National Day in Brazil. This is the liquor used to prepare our famous caipirinhas. It is so good it became one of the brazilian symbols. The most traditional caipirinha is made with lime, but there are more unique ones, prepared with other fruits. When in Brazil, ask for the one with lime and passion fruit, delicious! 
Check out the program we suggest for a perfect experience with cachaça:


Jericoacoara New Airport

Jericoacoara, or just Jeri, it is a small village set amongst giant sand dunes on the North coast of Brazil. With summer time all year round and a reliable sea breeze, it is a real escape from the trappings of civilization. Although very rustic, Jeri counts with many great options of restaurants, bars, shops and all types of accommodations.
To arrive there, tourists had to fly to Fortaleza airport and then take a road transfer of 5 hours. Now, the village counts with a nearby airport, the Comandante Ariston Pessoa (JJD), located approximately 30km away. The airlines GOL and AZUL are operating regular flights from Sao Paulo, Campinas and Recife cities.
It became much easier to arrive at this paradisiacal destination!