June Festivities are very popular in Brazil, a big folklore celebration, also known as “São João”. The Portuguese introduced them, during the colonial period, mainly to celebrate the saints Anthony, John and Peter. It features the rural life, the participants wear costumes that remind farm clothes. The special attraction is the “quadrilha”, very similar to the square dancing, with a groom and a bride leading the other couples at the “arraiá” (like a main square inside the event). An important aspect of the fest is the food, it is very typical, and some traditional dishes are: roasted corn, popcorn, “canjica” (rice and coconut milk sweet soup), sausage on a stick, manioc cake, barbecue meat on a stick, peanut brittle, “quentão” (similar to mulled wine) and much more. Nowadays this event takes place in all urban areas of Brazil and among all social classes, but the biggest ones are in the Northeast. The towns of Caruaru, in Pernambuco, and Campina Grande, in Paraíba, they compete with each other for the title of “The Biggest Sao Joao Festival in the World".